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I discovered some deer visited the garden sometime in the last couple of days. In fact, it may have been last night. They nibbled off some of the green beans. Then, strolled around a bit and left. I was lucky they did not eat the whole row of beans, or my cabbage plants. They walked right down the cabbage row for a ways. Rabbits probably would have eaten the whole mess. They probably were not that hungry because everything is lush right now from all the rain. But, they may become a problem. they nibble the leaves off the top and move on to the next. You can see in the pic below the next leaves growing out and the plant will survive and continue to grow but it will be stunted. 

The telltale track of deer. The two lobed elliptical shaped indentations. If you are missing some plants and you have these tracks in the dirt you know what it is. 

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