Rain in the Garden

Rain in the Garden

Rain in the Garden

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I went out to look around after last nights big rain.

I mentioned it yesterday in a post that it was supposed to rain some more and it did. I have heard as much as 5 inches fell in this county last night. It was just a steady rain for hours. There are small lakes in a lot of fields in the area and the creeks are busting out. We noticed our young plum tree in the front yard. In the pic below you can see how the top branches are just drooped over. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe it is because there is so much water in the branches and leaves that they just could not support the weight. This tree should have been pruned this past late winter but I did not get it done because I have been so involved in work on the house. 

I also mentioned earlier about my tomatoes looking sick. I have about 9 various tomato plants of the common variety you can buy anywhere and they look sick. I have three heirloom tomatoes, Cherokee Red, that look much better. Check out the pic below of my sorry looking tomato. It must be the cool wet weather. But I have never had them just turn yellow and die back like this. 

It is a sad thing to see. Along with the big rains comes tremendous field erosion. Below is a pic of the corner of the field right where we turn into our yard. This corner washes out like this and the farmer goes over it with and implement and levels it up and another rain does this again to it. There are numerous places like this on this farm and lots of other farms as well. There is only one solution to the problem and that is to stop farming it. Nothing else will correct the problem. Agriculture in inherently destructive. Little work has been done to alleviate that destruction. When I first moved here and worked on this farm most of the fields had grass waterways where the water collected and drained off. It did slow down the erosion. The grass waterways have been removed and replaced with these little dam like dirt structures with a drain pipe and tile line. This allows the ground that had grass to produce a money product instead of protect the field. There are lots of factors and influences involved here that had brought us to the current situation and it is too involved to get into here. Suffice it to say that it is the same situation as so many other industries that are after short term profit with disregard for the consequences. 

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