If You Grow Tomatoes, You’ll Need This

If You Grow Tomatoes, You’ll Need This

If You Grow Tomatoes, You’ll Need This

If You Grow Tomatoes, You’ll Need This

We all love eating fresh tomatoes. There are few things more delightful than biting into a freshly picked tomato. If you are a grower, or if you want to be, then read on. You will learn a useful tip on maximizing the yield from your tomato plant.

Support Your Plants With Homemade Cages

You don’t need to spend big bucks to buy readymade cages from stores, however. In what follows, we will discuss a few points that should be kept in mind while making a tomato cage at home.

Do you think that gardening is all about growing nice and bright flowers on your front porch? Here’s a bit of welcome news for you! You can easily grow tomato plants and other such vegetable crops in your garden, with complete ease too.

All that you need to be careful about while growing tomato at home is whether the plant is in an upright, healthy position and whether it is properly caged.

Take care of the plant first – If your tomato plant is lying along the ground – its days might be numbered.

What’s the point of building a tomato cage then? You can use cable ties to make sure that the plant does not get displaced from their healthy, upright positions.

Choose Good Strong Material For Your Cage

At the very outset; determine what type of cage material will serve your purpose the best. Wooden tomato cages enjoy a high degree of popularity, while metal is also often used as the chosen material. If you wish to go for a more cost-effective option, without compromising on the durability factor, you can also use wire meshes to make long-lasting tomato cages.

Make Sure You Take Account Of Growing Room

You need to find out the exact dimensions for the tomato cage that you require in your garden. Having a large cage in a relatively small garden can look just a tad odd. Make sure that the cage is around 4 feet tall. The circumference of a tomato cage should ideally vary between 4 to 5 inches (depending on your precise requirements).

Secure Your Plant To The Cage

When using wire meshes for making tomato cages, you can make the latter a lot stronger, by weaving in a few cable ties in them. If you find any of the sections of the mesh to be damaged, these zip ties can be used in those areas.

Keep All The Necessary Tools Ready At Hand

Building a tomato cage is not really a time-consuming task – but only if you have all the necessary tools and equipment within easy reach. You will, in particular, need sharp bolt cutters, pliers, hooks, nut-drivers and even a compact circular saw for ripping the timber, along with other related accessories before sitting down to create the tomato cage.

Keep The Different Sides Uniform

When you cut the mesh with bolt cutters, make sure that the panels do not become uneven in size. The lower ring of each of the panels also needs to be smoothly chopped off – so that they can be fitted easily. When properly built, a tomato cage should be roughly cylindrical in shape.

Homemade tomato cages are generally much more reliable than the pre-made ones – and preparing them can be a whole lot of fun too! Why not give it a go?

If you require multiple tomato cages in your garden, make it a point to leave adequate space between them. Over time, the wire mesh of the cages can get worn out. If you detect any such problem, use cable ties to retain the durability of the cages.

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