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My garage is full!

My garage is so full of lumber, windows, trim, clapboard siding, and assorted building materials I cannot hardly even walk into it. I have places to step while crawling over stuff. It is one of my storage places for all the stuff I salvage from other places. I have quite a bit of stuff in a large machine shed over at my mother-in-laws place also. I salvage it all to use it. We have an old house and we have rebuilt parts of it and added on to it and we use as much recycled lumber as possible. I am building a new solar collecting front porch right now. I am building soffits on it to look somewhat like the original soffits on the house. I cannot duplicate what is there because I cannot get the old moldings used back then. The earliest part of the house is about 150 years old. 

I also have a nice pile of bricks which I should have taken a picture of but did not. They do not have to be inside like the lumber. I intend to rebuild the old fireplace in the living room this summer. It will be a big job. I have built one fireplace in the dining room that works great so am looking forward to this job.

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