Cold Spring

Cold Spring

Cold Spring

I started a fire in the wood stove this evening. It is May 16. This might be the latest in the year I have had a fire going. It is not that cold out, in the fifties. But it is chilly and damp and my wife requested it.

I looked at my tomato plants a little while ago while picking some lettuce. They look sick. They are not that big yet but the lower branches are turning brown and just the top part is still green. I do not know if it is the cool wet weather that is making them suffer or what. I guess we will find out. My green beans have come up and the sweet corn is peeking through. So we need some sunshine to make things grow.

It has been a good stretch for the potatoes, cabbage, second planting of lettuce, radishes, and spinach. I do not think it is supposed to get real warm very soon so maybe that salad stuff will do good. It would be nice to have a nice bunch of spinach. My first planting did not come up very well and I am only able to pick a few leaves every couple of days for a salad.

I have been thinking about getting a small freezer. I have not looked at them but think it would make a nice addition and allow us to preserve or store more of our garden produce. Our electricity is absurdly costly. We are on Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative and the monthly cost is high compared to most places, even rural places. I think now it costs $30 a month just to be a customer. They decided a few months ago to charge every one who has a security light a couple of bucks a month just because you have one. Security lights are those lights on a pole out in the yard or by the garage that come on automatically when it gets dark. One of the first things we did 30 years ago when we moved into this house on the farm was have the security light removed. If I want light outside I will turn my own light on. They are one of those things people accept without even thinking about it, and it seems, the monthly charge was something the accepted without even thinking about it.

Well let’s hope it gets sunny and a little warmer.

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