Beginning to Reclaim My Garden

Beginning to Reclaim My Garden

Beginning to Reclaim My Garden

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I have been working so much at the Old School Museum and also on my porch at home that my garden is going to the weeds. It doesn’t help that it rains about every two or three days. It rained again last night. When I went to be there was nothing close on the radar. But, it was storming again during the night. Anyway, I finally got my tomato cages up and did some weeding. It is tough because like on Sunday I got out to work on the porch windows about 9 AM and by 3 PM I was just worn out from the heat. It is really warm this evening so after fixing supper for everyone and going into our old store/office to haul a load of stuff home I thought I might go out and just run the mower over some of the weeds that have grown up. But, it is just too hot and it has been too long of a day.

I used out battery powered string trimmer and hacked stuff out, then mulched around the tomatoes and then put the cages up. I uncovered 5 pepper plants also and got those mulched. Then I went down the rows of cabbage and just cut down all the grass and weeds. That little string trimmer is very handy in the garden. It is part of a set of Ryobi tools Janis bought a year or so ago. We have used them a lot. Maybe it would be nice if we just could go a week or two without any rain. That hardly seems possible.

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